15th September


Covid-19 transmissions as of this date, within Australia, are largely confined to Melbourne and Sydney.  Thankfully the downward infection trend continues but State governments continue to push elimination versus management of the virus health arguments.  Tragically, 729 deaths have been recorded in Victoria, with Australia’s total standing at 816.  35 new infection cases were recorded in VIC and 4 in NSW as of 14/9/20. There were no new positive tests in the rest of Australia.

I will refrain from political comments however it is desperately clear that people’s mental well being is a serious concern that is not being effectively recognised by Government’s. The economic health of small business is in a similar dire condition. Many businesses will simply not re-open.  Support your local business if they are open. You may not get a second chance.

If State governments are slowly reopening their economies, it is now critical that we all continue to maintain safe practices including hand sanitation and safe distancing.  If you feel unwell, get an immediate check from a Covid testing station.  We do not need more lockdowns in the future.

Melbourne’s curfew will run for another month we are told as of September 14. Masks are still mandatory. So in Melbourne, VISIONCHART are still managing all aspects of deliveries and installations.  Depending on the size of the board, we are also drop shipping from Sydney. All drivers are instructed to perform a contactless delivery. For the rest of Australia it is Covid mandatory safe delivery practices with continued anti bacterial wipe downs, sanitising and masks for deliveries and installations.


Mark Bowdern

Managing Director



10th August


The daily transmission rates for Covid-19 significantly increased in Victoria (particularly Melbourne) within the last 4 weeks.

On August 5, 725 new cases were reported. Hopefully this represented the peak infection, as the transmission rates on the 10th were under 400.

On August 2, the Andrews government introduced strict new lockdown laws referred to as Stage 4. This lockdown will remain in place until September 13.

During this time retail businesses will close. Some warehouses will remain trading, particularly in the food supply chain, as will some office/furniture suppliers for essential items.

VISIONCHART will continue to supply Victorian customers albeit with an extra 2-3  days in such supply. During this period our warehouse is closed for pickups. There will be even greater awareness of the needs for contactless deliveries.  Face masks are of course mandatory and sanitation is conducted before and after all deliveries.  We are doing everything the Victorian government is requesting of us and more. It is a responsibility that VISIONCHART accepts, to ensure the limitation of virus transmission and the health and safety of our Victorian employees and our customers. Please refer to our customer service department for further details:


What we have done so far, and will continue doing:

  1. Additional Cleaning to high use areas in our office and warehouse sites.
  2. Daily anti-bacterial wipe down of all surfaces in staff work stations.
  3. Increased CovidSafe Signage in office and warehouse sites.
  4. Increased social distance and time restrictions in meeting areas.
  5. Sanitiser and stands have been distributed to all areas of the Business.



Mark Bowdern

Managing Director


7th July 2020


Our ability to constrain the spread of the Covid-19 virus is being tested, particularly in Melbourne.
There is new concern over how the virus can be transmitted. In a letter published this week in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, two scientists from Australia and the US wrote that studies have shown "beyond any reasonable doubt that viruses are released during exhalation, talking and coughing in microdroplets small enough to remain aloft in the air."

The new bubble infection in Melbourne is a concern because many commentators have considered the virus safely under control in Australia. It remains so, in most States but the ability to spread quickly remains a concern. There has been little reporting on the degree of people’s infection which requires intensive care and the level of new deaths attributed to Covid remains very low.

The economic impact of this new range of infections will seriously have a knock on effect to reviving employment and our economy.

VISIONCHART remain committed to mitigating the virus, so hand sanitising and safe distancing remain in effect, as well as record of all visitors to our offices. All staff remain healthy, including our delivery drivers and installation teams. If any mild virus symptom is evident, the person is required to be tested. All results have been negative.

All deliveries to Victoria and Queensland remain unaffected to date, despite the historical closing of the NSW-VIC border at midnight tonight.

The last time the border was closed was in 1919 due to the spread of Spanish Flu.


Mark Bowdern

Managing Director


4th May 2020


Our Covid-19 response is still being effectively managed.  We have recorded no cases of the virus or it’s transmission.

We have been involved in a number of expansive installations, all safely completed.

VISIONCHART has pivoted some of our product range to offer better solutions for safe distancing.

We are also offering a range of mobile Sanitizer Stations which are also height adjustable. Plus a range of workstation screens.

Our services and product range continue to be offered so that our clients can continue to adapt to a Post Covid-19 working environment.


I want to recognise the great effort that all VISIONCHART staff have made. They have responded magnificently to a different operating environment and continue to focus on helping our reseller network to remain productive in offering exceptional service.


We continue to listen and implement government advice and also that of our Chief Medical officers, both Federally and State based.


Australia is preparing for partial re-openings in late May based on Government advice. VISIONCHART is fully supportive of this as the economic impact will reverberate for many years under an increased burden of debt.


We would encourage everybody to safe distance and contact friends and family to wish them well and simply ask them if things are OK at the moment.

To this end I invite you to visit


‘This too, we shall overcome’.


Mark Bowdern

Managing Director



25th March 2020


During the current COVID-19 emergency VISIONCHART has decided to remain open but we are paying close attention to the daily advice from government.


As a valued VISIONCHART customer, we wanted you to be aware of the actions we are taking to minimise the spread of infection, and to ensure we continue to meet your needs during this difficult time. Our first priority is the health and safety of our customers, our employees and our supply chain. We are enforcing the public policies prescribed to prevent personal infection, we have heightened disinfection processes at all of our facilities, and we are creating appropriate social space in our facilities.


All customer visits and tours of our showroom are suspended.


What are we doing?

• Our factory is in full production, albeit with revised hygiene practices in place, and able to assist with any of your visual communication needs.

• All of our offices and warehouses are open to process and ship orders.

• We are providing tools for our sales team to communicate with you.


We will keep you up to date as we move forward. Thank you for your continued support. We stand ready to continue providing you with our innovative products and the best service in the industry.


Thank you as always for being a VISIONCHART Partner and please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or concerns.

Please contact us by email or call us on 1800 067 278.


Mark Bowdern

Managing Director